Manual Speedy Plastic Vegetable and Fruit Chopper with High Quality Blades – Work Manually


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  • Simple & Speedy: A simple design to work, simply pull the ring handle to operate it. It has a manual pull-out design with high safety.
  • Multiple Uses: Can be used as chopper, cutter, shredder, mincer, and grinder.
  • 3 Ultra-Sharp Stainless Iron Blades: Its ultra-sharp blades help it to chopper everything against them. With one pull its blades rotate 16 times.
  • Useful: No more tears while cutting the onion. Avoid hand and eyes from chilies.



5 in stock

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Vegetable and Fruit Chopper

Speedy chopper is made of good quality plastic. Its transparent box will allow you to see the condition of vegetables. Three stainless steel blades will chop all vegetables in seconds. Your single push will rotate these blades for 16 times.

Now, you shouldn’t waste your tears during onion cutting. Just put in it and chop. It is very easy to use and will complete your routine work within minutes. It can chop vegetables and fruits like onion, garlic, ginger, chilies, cucumber, radish, carrot, etc. You can take it easy when going on a trip. Also, it is easy to wash as put water in and rotate 2 times. It is a basic and compulsory kitchen item.

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Technical Specifications

Product NameMini Speedy Chopper
Number of BladesThree (3)
Top Diameter12.5cm
Bottom Diameter8cm
Item Height8.5cm
Product Diemensions600 x 500 x 400 cm
MaterialFabric and Plasti
Powerful & VersatileChopping nuts, herbs, veggies, boneless meat, and more.

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