Electric Heating Lunch Box – Portable Food Warmer with Detachable Stain Less Steel Food Container


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  • Imported: A high quality branded item with many features. It has a body of high-quality plastic and inside of it is stainless steel. This ensures a healthy meal under a protected box.
  • Energy Saving: It uses only 45 watts of energy equivalence to regular energy-saving LED bulbs. Further, you can even use it when there is a low voltage of electricity is coming.
  • Safe to Use: There are safety layers which prevent it to overheat the food as well as will protect you from any electric shock.
  • Smart Space: There are distinct separations into the box for different purposes e.g. there is a separate space for the spoons. There is an extra box for a meal.
  • Portable: Its unique design makes it a complete portable item. You will not find any problem while holding or talking it one place to another.



6 in stock

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An electric heating lunch box will help you taste fresh meal anytime. It is safe to use even for children as there is no chance for an electric shock because of the non-conductor body for current. If you are a school going boy/girl or office going job holder, use it for a fresh meal.

Also, its look is not traditional. It looks like a bag and easy to carry. Just join its wire with the switch and it will take only 10-15 minutes to warm your meal. You need not carry an extra spoon as it has its own with covered space. It is easy to wash as there are not too many small spaces or holes in it. The best item for students, jobholders, and travelers.

Note: Don’t use it in the refrigerator and microwave. Don’t sink the entire box in/underwater for washing.

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Technical Specifications

Item Name Electric Heating Lunch Box
Item Height 10cm/3.94”
Item Width 16cm/6.3”
Item weight 300g
Material Plastic
Rated Voltage 12V
Energy consumes 40-Watts
Temperature Up To 70 Degree Celsius
Heating Time 10 – 20 Minute
Color Multiple colors
Frequency 50-60Hz.
Capacity 1.5L

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